Logo Process

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Project Medium

Photoshop, Illustrator and pencil sketches.


I approached this project similarly to my personal logo. Firstly meeting with the client and asking questions to try and get to know them and what they may like for a logo. What did they want it to say about them?

glory of 10

I sent the client a website showcasing many different personal logos and asked them to pick their favorites off the site. This allowed me to see what type of styles they were drawn too. I used these as a jumping off point.

I made multiple pencil sketches and sent those to the client. They chose one of the sketches and then I did I sheet in Illustrator of different styles of that sketch. I repeated the process of sending this to the client. He chose one from that and then I made a final sheet of different styles of his latest choice. He then settled on one of those as his final design.

I then made some mock-ups so we could see how the design might look when implemented in different ways. The slideshow above shows this process.